So either I have an incredibly aggressive cold this week, or the Desolate One is about to return to our plane of existence to feast on our nightmares and plans to use my head as a conduit into this world.

A view from inside my sinuses.

Either way, howsabout I just keep this one short, ok?

I was having trouble coming up with any ideas for the Microjam this week because the swirling vortex of mucus in my skull was slowly eating away at the parts of my brain that control inspiration, joy, and higher language function. So like I usually do when I’m having writer’s block, I took my dog Monocle for a walk and watched her chase birds in the park. Unlike usual, however (see swirling mucus vortex above) I decided to cop out and just make the song about my dog chasing birds in the park.

Obviously, I wanted to keep the track on the lighter side. I mean, look at that thing. You wish you’ve ever been that happy at any point in your life, but you haven’t. I can pretty much guarantee it. Not even on the day that your neighbor accidentally threw out that box of old cough syrup and liver medicine and you got to see what it would be like to be a dragon for a while.

I started out with a simple bass line using a sample from an upright bass. I knew I wanted a brighter sound for the melody, so I went with the high register on the piano, doing my best to keep the line active and full of motion without making it too complex. I pulled up some brush heavy drum samples for the percussion, and that was pretty much it. And, I’m happy to report, I came in under 20 seconds this time around (not counting the loop) which was my goal last week.

Microjam week two – Dog + Park

As usual I’d love to know what you think, so leave me a comment or write me a post it note or draw me an etch-a-sketch or something. I’m gonna go lie down.