Lately, I’ve been playing Halo: Reach with my brother, who lives back in my homestate of Minnesota. It’s a good way for me to stay connected with family, all the while learning how to deal with loss and defeat in an adult and magnanimous manner.

I'd like to think it doesn't go quite this poorly, but scoreboards don't lie.

Anyway, I think it’s got me in kind of a sci-fi mood, so the microjam for this week is based on the idea of writing an overture for a game with a futuristic or space-oriented setting. This is the kind of piece that would expose some of the major themes that I would theoretically use throughout the rest of the game’s score (listen to the cello’s opening line for an example). I imagine this piece being the first thing the player hears in the game, perhaps taking place during a cutscene with the camera panning over distant planets or zooming through the blackness of space. One might even go so far as to refer to this work as a Space Jam.

Sorry. Couldn't help it.

I should mention that this week’s entry is kind of a two-parter. Being that this is an overture, I’m envisioning it as a slower introduction to a more active work immediately following. So tune in next week for the exciting conclusion, and as usual, I’d love to hear your thoughts; I’m pretty excited about this one!

Microjam Week 3 – Space Overture