Hey Everyone!


This week I finished the continuation of the Space Overture from last week. In case you forgot, here’s what that sounded like:

Microjam Week 3 – Space Overture


The music for this week continues in the same style, with a lot of marching percussion and heavy use of orchestral strings. But I wanted this piece to be more active than the overture, so I put it in 12/8 time, which is a triplet-heavy meter that’s pretty good for giving music a lot of rhythmic motion. I used all the same instrumentation from last time, so you won’t hear any new instruments popping up, although some of them take on new roles. The piano is more of a supporting instrument this time around, used to fill out the high registers, while the violas and violins perform the main melody and the cellos and basses supply a rhythmic backdrop. While the overture from last time was meant to make small allusions to a variety of  musical themes I would be using throughout whatever game it ended up opening, this new portion would ideally serve as the main theme of the project. It’s active enough to be played during action sequences, but it can easily be toned done if I wanted to use elements of it during exploration or more somber moments.

You’ll find the complete piece below, with the overture still preceding it and the new “Main Theme” beginning where the last track ended. Hope you like it, and as always, I’d love it if you hit me up in the comments and let me know what you think!

Microjam Week Four – Space Overture and Main Theme