Hi Everyone,


Hope your holiday was awesome! We spent ours grilling food, eating it inside to avoid the roiling ball of death that is our sun, and reading comic books at Barnes and Noble. Happy Birthday, America!


I received a request from a friend recently for some techno with, you know, like, “some of that WROOOWWWWRRRR.” Well, far be it from me to ignore such a technically proficient request (the WROOOWWWWRRR and the UH-TISS UH-TISS UH-TISS have been staples of music since well before the Baroque period).

Mozart was all about the UH-TISS.

I tend to be kind of obsessed with creating a really lyrical melody, something you would get caught in your head and walk around humming all day. Techno is more about the beat and the layers that surround it, so this was a good exercise for me. There are a few definable melodies in here of course, but I wanted to focus more on making a cohesive groove than a standout melodic line. To that effect, there are several bass-heavy drum tracks supported by a lot of gated synths (synthesizers that have specific rhythms built into their pitch) for definition, and a few club synths on the high end. Anyway, hope you like it. Now break out your glowsticks and get ravin’.

Microjam Week Six – Techno Groove