I took requests for this week’s Microjam entry, partially because I thought it would be a fun idea and partially out of laziness. Maybe next week I’ll accept entries for people to write the description, or hold a contest to see who can get to my house first on Thursday morning to hit the submit button so I can sleep in. Winner gets a ring pop and a gift card to Applebee’s that might still have some money left on it. My eventual goal is to just outsource these things to Indonesia and call it a day.


I got a lot of great suggestions. Why not mix two genres together? How about a military themed piece? With Cowboys and Aliens coming out, why not do a composition based on a sci-fi/western theme?

So naturally, I picked the most ridiculous one, which was basically “write a song about me and my friend going to Arby’s.”

That one was suggested by my sister, who was recently out to visit California from the Midwest. The song is actually supposed to represent anything simple that makes you extremely happy. In my case it would be puppies and Spider-man comics. In her case it’s roast beef and curly fries.

And how could you not love it? Oh god, I think it blinked.

This piece is mostly comprised of synthesizers, but I liked the idea of mixing in some orchestral stuff too, so you’ll hear some upbeat pizzicato strings and a brief appearance by a flute. There’s also an electric guitar, upright bass, a few chiptune instruments, and live and electronic drum sets. It’s basically just a smattering of instruments that you don’t usually hear together, to try to symbolize just enjoying whatever weird little thing it is that makes you happy, rather than trying to analyze it. There’s even a guy who may or may not be David Lee Roth who screams at you at one point, so I hope it has something for everyone.

Check it out below! Like I said, I got a ton of great ideas from people, and I plan on using many of them in future pieces (and of course, if I use your suggestion, I’ll be sure to give you credit). So if you’re bummed I didn’t pick yours, seriously get over it. It’s not like you would have won anything. But also check back in the future! You might still get some of my sweet, sweet validation.

Roast Beef Dance Bonanza