Hi Everyone!


Until yesterday, I was up in Seattle for a friend’s bachelor party. On the plane ride home last night, I got to thinking about how much trouble I have writing music on the go. When my wife and I were in grad school, she often liked to go study at the local Borders or coffee shop, something to get her out of the house. I usually couldn’t go with her; either the music playing over the sound system at the book store would be too distracting for me to concentrate on what I was writing, or I just had difficulty trying to compose away from my piano. Even though I can hear what I want in my head, I usually like to run through a few lines on an actual instrument before I put them down on paper or into logic.

So I decided since I was crammed on a plane full of screaming kids anyway, why not practice trying to write while I’m on the road? Or air? Or whatever?

Instead of a traditional blog entry, you’ll find my first efforts at practicing writing new music away from the comfort of my studio below. It’s just sort of an improvisatory combo piece, bass, guitar, organ, drum set, with most members taking a turn at a solo. I didn’t have time to program one for the drums because it was a short flight, but I figured rather than messing with it too much once I got home, I’d just show it to you guys pretty much as it was when the plane landed. It’s definitely not the greatest thing I’ve ever done, but it felt good to get something written when I would normally feel to hampered without my instrument nearby.

I fully admit that it’s not super polished; it’s just a practice run, so feel free to let me know what you think!

Air Jam