Hi Everyone!

This week, I decided to go with another one of the ideas that was sent in by people a few weeks ago, when I asked for requests for the Microjam entry for that week. I got so many awesome suggestions from people that, even though I slapped most of the submitters across the face by picking the least mature entry, I decided I’d probably just use all their ideas eventually.

My friend and amazing web designer Kate suggested I do a fusion of HIp Hop and Bossa Nova, which I thought was really unique and something I personally had not heard before. In this piece, you’ll find all the staples of Bossa Nova music, from guitar-heavy melody to island percussion. But I also threw in some phat hip hop beatz,  “club” bass and lead sounds, and one of those analog synths you hear all the time in 90’s rap. There’s also even a quote from Snoop Dogg’s “What’s My Name?” at about 50 seconds in, and then again at the end.

You will not, however, hear me actually rap in this song, because my rhymes is to hot for all y’alls. And also because the rap I’m most familiar with is the one below, which I watched about 40,000 times a week between the ages of ten and, well, now.

I think it still holds up, but for some reason white guys rapping about anthropomorphic turtles just isn’t a thing anymore.

The complete song is below. Love to hear your thoughts on it!

Dogg Beach

What’s my mother effing name?