Morning Everyone!


Through the magic of Twitter, I’ve gotten breakdowns of peoples’ weekend chore schedules, been privy to crotch-related political scandals, and have been granted access to a vast pantheon of photos of what complete strangers had for breakfast.


And I weep for them.

So, I mean, obviously, the future is here now, right? No one’s arguing about that anymore. Now when I watch Back to the Future 2, my only explanation is that the advent of 140-character status updates caused us to blow right by hoverboards and flying cars so fast that we didn’t even notice.


But one of my favorite things about Twitter is that it has introduced me to (and in numerous cases, allowed me to have conversations with) a number of talented composers. I like to spend a little time each week creeping around these other composers’ sites and listening to their awesome tunes and smelling their clothes. So this week, I’m starting a new feature, “Composer Showcase,” because daddy can start new features, all day every day. And also because you need to hear these guys, if you haven’t already. So below, you’ll find three composers I’ve met and/or discovered in the last few months, as well as links to some of my favorite pieces by them.


1. Cain German


Cain has written music for games like S.P.C.U., Nobu: Fat Revenge, and Bumper Madness, among many other game and film projects. Every time I message this guy he seems to be working on something, which both shows you how dedicated he is to his craft and makes me feel like crap for blowing a Sunday afternoon watching reruns of Celebrity Rehab.

My Favorite Track: Team Fight Song

This song has an awesome rock beat, and just sounds plain rad, simple as that. Despite the fact that it’s called Team Fight Song, it really makes me want to do unsporting and selfish things, like head down to the go-kart track, find a kid’s birthday party, and slash all their tires before peeling out and totally leaving them in the dust. I wouldn’t blame Mr. German for that, though. That’s my thing.

You can find this song in the tracklist at the bottom of the page here.

Listen to it while you: Follow the Hummer that cut you off and almost crushed you on the freeway onramp, wait until they stop at the Vitamin Store to buy more Muscle Milk, and steal their gas cap.


2. Whitaker Blackall


He’s written the soundtracks for a number of sweet iOS games, including Velocispider, Casey’s Contraptions, and Word Fighter. He’s also the second person on this list to have a way more epic sounding name than me.

My Favorite Track: Mario Montage of Funk

He has a ton of amazing stuff on his site that is completely original, so I feel kinda bad for picking this one. But seeing as how I was in a funk rock band in high school, and spent most of my formative years playing old school Mario games (which back then were just “school”) this one was a clear winner for me. Check it out here!

Listen to it while you: Do mushrooms, commit stompicide and arson, and sneak into old castles and boil their occupants in lava to avenge a kidnapping. Yikes, those old Mario games kinda sound like they were written by Frank Miller when you think about it.


3. Laura Shigihara


If you’ve ever played Plants VS. Zombies, you’ve heard her work, and you already know it rules. If you haven’t played Plants VS. Zombies, what are you still doing here? She also posts a lot of videos of her just jamming out on the piano, and being a pianist myself, I think that’s pretty boss.

My Favorite Track: Brainiac Maniac from Plants VS. Zombies

This track has a lot of energy and a really cool groove. Plus she manages the different elements really well, without making anything too cluttered. You can find it on this page (track no. 14).

Listen to it while you: Garden. And beat off hordes of the ravenous undead. Obviously.


That’s it for this week.  If you enjoyed what you heard above I encourage you out their websites above, and listen to more of their stuff, whether you’re big on video games or not. I’ll have another batch of composers in a future post too, so stay tuned!