Hi Everyone!


We had a power outage last night, so I’m a bit behind and had to finish this week’s music post this morning. Sorry if this explanation is a bit on the sparse side because of it!

Even though game music is a genre unto itself, there are a number of real-world music genres that I feel get under-represented in video game scores. Jazz is a big one (though the excellent Grim Fandango soundtrack by Peter McConnell does a lot to make up for it). Funk is another, and has always been a favorite of mine, so this week’s entry is on the funky side.

Funk Shop

I imagine this being either a character’s theme, or something that plays when you enter an in-game store with a particularly cool salesperson running it.

Eh. Not cool enough.


Too cool. Dial it back a bit.


Juuuuust right.


If you have thoughts on the piece, or an idea for a future entry, let me know below, eh? Thanks for listening!