Hi Everybody!


Despite what I may have said in a previous post about considering the deep ocean to be the land where terror goes to learn how to invade your sleep (basically Hogwarts for nightmares), I actually have a pretty non-fear based fascination with the sea. I’ve always loved aquariums; dolphins and choral and starfish and all that. Basically, I imagine everything to about 500 feet down to be pretty magical and rad.

Aside from the somewhat racist "Duke of Soul" fish in the bottom right, this seems like the kind of place I could see myself hanging out.

Something about water and the creatures that live in it has always seemed very mystical and ethereal to me. Really, it’s only the super deep ocean that freaks me out.

I mean, I understand that the stuff that lives down there is every bit as natural as JESUS %$#@! Kill it! KILL IT!

This fascination extends to video games too; I usually find water-based levels in most games to be my favorites, terrible swimming mechanics aside. So this week’s Microjam is themed around that idea. I made the vibraphone one of the features of this track, as the tone quality has always reminded me of the ocean anyway. However, I slapped a microphaser (a plug in that creates rapid, “sweeping” effects in the sound) on it to give it the quality of coming from underwater. I used some light strings for the bass and melody, and limited the accompanying parts to bells, woodwinds, and harp, which are all instruments that I believe would fit well in a game’s aquatic level. Finally, I wrote this piece in 5/4 (meaning there are five beats in each measure), which I feel lends it more motion since the signature is asymmetrical. You know, sounds like waves and junk.

Check it out below. And like always, I’d love to hear your comments on it, how I might improve the next one, or if you have any ideas for a future post. Thanks for listening!