Hi Everyone!


You know what I hate? When you go to all this trouble to infiltrate some supervillain’s subterranean/underwater/orbital platform hideout, beat your way through legions of henchmen to stop a nuclear missile launch and/or death ray satellite attack, only to find out you’ve activated the self destruct sequence! Do you know how bad being caught in a horrendous explosion is for your immune system? Like, super bad, you guys.

If he can afford a self-destruct system on his lair, why can't he afford a computer with more than 18 keys?

This week’s piece is brought to you by the end of every action movie filmed between 1987 and 1994, as well as the end of every Metroid game ever. Play this track while leaping through the air and just narrowly managing to roll beneath a slow-closing blast door for added effect! I should point out that while 95% of this track is original, the spoken word portion is from the audio assets from the game Descent, by Parallax Software, so all the props for that go out to their audio team.

Check it out below! Thoughts?

Run For It