Hey Everyone!


This week’s Microjam composition is inspired by a lot of the dungeons from Final Fantasy X. I haven’t played that game since I was in highschool, but I remember the music in the various temples did a great job of creating atmosphere without getting in the way. It established a mysterious or ominous vibe without distracting the player from collecting orbs or keys or crystals or whatever shiny object you need to gather for Tidus that week so he could stop a giant floating demon whale from destroying the world. No seriously, look it up.


Now, I loves me a catchy melody. Most of my favorite music has readily discernible tunes, and that’s how I tend to try to write most of the time. But ambient music is just as important. Sometimes you don’t want a lot of melodic material getting in the way of the feelings you’re trying to get across. It’s about being more subtle. Setting a mood.

No. Not like that.

I tried to make this piece interesting without going overboard. There are only two chords in the whole thing, a small handful of instruments, and I gave each part only a small bit of material, to try to prevent anything from becoming too melodic and distracting. What do you think? Could you see yourself venturing into an ancient civilization’s ruins and stealing all their stuff to this?