Hi Everybody!


This week’s Microjam entry is pretty heavy on the micro, if you know what I mean. Which was always what I kind of intended for this feature to be; really short pieces, like 10 to 15 seconds long. Then things, uh, sort of got out of hand, and now most of them are closer to full length game loops. Which isn’t a bad thing I guess.

Usually when things get out of hand, it ends up a lot worse than "oh no, extra music."

This week, as I’m trucking away on my tracks for Play It Forward (the blog for which can and should be checked out here), I needed to keep it really brief, so I decided on writing a victory cue! You guys might not call it that, but anybody who plays video games even semi regularly knows what I’m talking about. Like this:


Or this one:



And of course:



I don’t know if mine is as iconic as any of these, but I hope you dig it. I encourage you to play it just after cooking a particularly symmetrical stack of pancakes, or opening a book to the exact page you were last reading on the first try without using a bookmark. Exult in your victory, noble gladiator; you’ve earned it!

You Da Champ