Hi Everyone!

Another short post this week, as I continue to chip away at other projects. I should hopefully have something more substantial for you next week, though!

This week’s submission is related to last week’s, where I posted a quick “victory” theme, like the kind you’d hear at the end of a level in most 90’s games.This week, I decided on an “item collection” theme. Everyone knows the “da-ding!” sound you hear when you collect coins in any Mario game, or the satisfying “cha-chick” you hear in a lot of shooters when you pick up a shiny new weapon. But in a lot of games, when you acquire something more important than your everyday pickup, it’s accompanied by a little musical fanfare. Below are two of the most famous examples.

Opening a treasure chest in nearly any Zelda game:

And getting a new addition to Samus’ power suit in the Metroid series:

This piece was done in the same aesthetic as the last one and using a few o the same instruments, with the goal hopefully being that they sound like they’re from the same game. So go buy yourself some new shoes or root through your neighbor’s trash until you find something incriminating, and then celebrate!

Cool Thing Get!

As usual, let me know what you think, good or bad, and tune in next week when I’m planning on having something fuller for you guys to listen to.