Hi Everyone!


I’m rushing around getting ready to leave for a wedding in Seattle right now; two of my best friends our getting married (one of whom is the awesome web designer who did this site). So instead of a full-on blogpost this week, I have more of a question for you guys. I wanna know what your first experience being engaged by a soundtrack was. What was the first time you ever played a game, watched or movie, or simply heard music anywhere and noticed that it really resonated with you? That you found yourself wandering around humming the melody all day, or that you listened to it multiple times in a row?


I’ll go first. As you might have noticed, based on my writing style, career aspirations, interests, fashion sense, face, taste in movies, voice, personality, glasses, and the fact that I made why wife agree to let me paint a Spider-man mural on our garage once we get a bigger place, I’m kind of a nerd. So it’s no surprise that the first time this happened to me was with the Back to the Future movies.


When I was about five, my parents made the mistake of renting these for me. After I watched them 63 consecutive times, I couldn’t get the main theme out of my head. Here! This one:

From then on for the next half decade or so, every time they offered to rent me a movie, I invariably asked for one of these. I would work out how to play parts of the soundtrack on the battered organ in our family room. We had a LEGO project at school where we had to build a motorized vehicle and program its movements on a computer. I convinced my group that we had to make a time machine specifically so that I could program the Back to the Future into the LEGO software to go with it. I was kind of insane about it.

At first those movies made me want to grow up to be a scientist, like #1 Super Cool Mofo Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown. And when people would ask me what kind of scientist, I would just sort of cock my head and stare at them. The time machine kind, ass.

But once the cold weight of reality set in (when I was about 19 or so) I realized that what I really wanted was to make music that affected people the way the soundtrack to a bunch of 80’s sci-fi movies affected me. I wanted people to become obsessed and make poor life choices based on something I wrote. At first I wanted to write for film, but when I realized I could be even less respected by writing for video games, I was sold. So here we are. I owe my career path to a DeLorean.

So what about you? What was the first time music really made you act differently? Really stuck with you? Let me now and/or make fun of me for being a complete tool in the comments below.

You won’t be laughing when my flux capacitor is complete.