Hey Everybody!

So you know how people are basically walking fonts of disease? And how being on a plane with a hundred and fifty other people is basically the health equivalent of spending three hours fishing around in your septic tank for the cell phone you lost because you were texting while going number two? Well I do.

We just got back from Seattle and my wife and I have both been crazy sick this week. But I still loves me some Halloween, and so I managed to crank out a holiday-themed Microjam for you all this week, featuring two of Halloween’s most iconic characters locked in epic battle.

Please keep in mind that I’m congested, queasy, and possibly hallucinating, so I apologize if this week’s entry doesn’t live up to your majesty’s royal standards.

Sorry if that sounded sarcastic. My left hand has been twitching with disease since I came back and I accidentally italicized it. You guys are all right.

Happy Halloween!

Chocula VS Frankenberry (Breakfast Reckoning)


(My money’s on the Count)