Hey Everybody!


Man do I love writing chiptune style stuff, so I got another one of those for you this week. This one’s based on one of my favorite overused gaming tropes from when I was a kid. See, nowadays, games always have you traveling through giant open worlds, often choosing where and when you go anywhere. And as much as I love that, I kinda miss when I was a kid and games were broken into levels, each with a different theme to keep the variety going. You could come to count on every game having a kind of green valley or forest zone to start out in, then moving on to an ice level, desert, sometimes a factory, you get the idea.  But the one you could count on for sure is that there would be some kind of subterranean tunnel.


Mario had one. Sonic had one. Every game in the 90s had one, really. They might call it a cave, or a sewer, or a maintanence shaft or whatever, but it was just an excuse to stick you underground and ruin your life. I’m looking at you, Battletoads.

Might as well just chop your thumbs off now and save yourself the time.

This is my take on the music for one of these types of environments. I wanted it to sound dark, but active, so let me know how I did!


Tunnel Run