Hi Everyone!


How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was filled with a lot of poor (delicious) food choices, and now, like after any successful holiday, I feel bad about myself. So what better time to do something for charity? Aside from trying to absolve yourself of the guilt of murder. You know who I’m talking about, Steve.


So anyway, just another of many upcoming reminders that, if all goes well, Play It Forward will launch next week, December 5th. There are a ton of talented composers (oh, and me) on this album, many with big name game music experience, and many who I’m sure you’ll be seeing in the credits of top notch stuff in the very near future. 100% of the proceeds are going to Child’s Play and the EFF , so can you really blame me for harping on it?


Anyway, tune in next week when I’ll post a link to the site where you can buy this madness. Also I don’t know any murderers named Steve, but if there were any reading this I bet they’re freaking the eff out right now.