My wife and I were back in the unforgiving northlands that spawned us for Thanksgiving last week. While we were there, my sister made the fatal mistake of grabbing my audio recorder (previously mentioned in this post, ruining my life) and singing into it. She had been jabbering on about Lisa Frank unicorn folders and Care Bears and Selena Gomez’s weird Canadian lovechild and whatever else college girls are into these days when she started talking about how her name in Chinese sounds something like “Ikechu.” And if you think of anything other than a Pokémon when you hear that word, I have nothing to say to you. Hopefully one of the good ones though. Maybe not legendary, but something cute with a few good attacks, and not one of the odd racist/drag queen models.

You know the one.

Anyway, she sang a little diddy to the lyrics of “Ikechu, I choose you,” and the recording was still on there when I got back to California. You can’t hand a composer a fantastic gem like that and not expect me to do anything with it. That’s like inviting Gary Busey to give the commencement speech at a high school graduation and asking him to “keep it simple.” He’s going to take his pants off and scream the Gettysburg Address into the microphone backwards, and that’s the best case scenario.


Here’s the track. Hopefully, you can make out the vocals; a crowded pathway in the Mall of America the day before Thanksgiving doesn’t make for the most noise-free recording scenario, though I reduced as much of the ambient chatter as I could.It’s pretty chiptuney, like a lot of my stuff, and I used a lot of pentatonic material, because, you know, China. Also there’s some beatboxing in there. Enjoy!

My Sister the Pokemon

Also, my holiday Theme Song Special Offer is now available! A number of people commissioned custom theme music from me last year as gifts, or just for themselves, and the results were really fun to do. If you missed out last time, now’s your chance! Just click “special offers” at the top of this page, or follow this link.

Oh! And don’t forget that Play It Forward launches in just four days! I’ll post the link here when it’s ready for sale. It’s got a ton of awesome music on it, and it’s for charity, so check it out!