Hey Everybody!


This week, instead of me blathering on about why that rad MC Hammer Saturday morning cartoon show should still be on TV, as well as a break down of the scripts I wrote for several episodes but never sent in (that’s next week), I’d like to hear from you guys! How do you think I’m doing so far? Do you like what you’re hearing here on the site? I’ve learned a lot about mixing and mastering since I started posting weekly pieces here, so my hope is that the sound quality has improved dramatically since my first Microjam and demo posts, but what do you think? Too loud? Too busy?


I’m also interested in hearing your suggestions for types of music you’d like to hear, or different scenarios you’d like me to write music for in the Microjam feature! I still have a few great suggestions to get to from the last time I took requests, but I could always use more! As I continue to write these, I’m making another push to keep them on the simpler side; since they’re not for a specific project, I tend to get too wrapped up in doing them. They end up a little too involved as I search for the perfect theme or the perfect arrangement to hang it on, and they’re eating up more time on my end than they should. So I could use your opinions on that too, going forward; let me know if they’re getting too simple, or if you like the new direction (or don’t notice).

Also, just one more reminder that my holiday theme song offer is still good through this Thursday, when I need to close it out to make sure I can get everyone’s done and shipped by Christmas/Hanukkah. You can find it if you click on “special offers” above, or simply follow this link if scrolling up is too much for you.


And finally, don’t forget to check out the charity album I did with a bunch of fantastic game composers. Play It Forward is available here, and while we’ve been selling pretty well so far, we could use your help! All the proceeds go to charity (check out the link to learn more about that) and it’s pay what you want! So if you feel like donating a full album price (say ten bucks or so) that’s great, but if you can only spare a dollar or fifty cents, that’s great as well! Every little bit helps!


Catch you guys next week.