I wanted to have a Christmasy video game style tune for you guys this week, but to be honest, it’s not gonna happen. So let me cop out by showing you what I’ve been working on instead!


An indie game developer named Tom Francis is working on a spy game called Gunpoint, and he posted an open audition for people to write the music for it. The game looks really cool, so I took a shot at it, and combined with other projects and my day job I’m afraid I didn’t have time for the Microjam this week. Here’s my latest submission though, if you’re interested; I was going for a lot of “noir” instruments for the most part. Upright bass, brush drumset, vibes, sax, stuff like that, with a light electronic layer on top (the game is set in the future, afterall).

Tom singled out a few submissions he really liked in his blog (you can see the entry here) and I got included along with a bunch of awesome composers (including Chris Geehan from Hyperduck Soundworks and C418, the composer for Minecraft)! It’d be great if I got the gig, but if feels great to be even considered amongst so many talented people!

As for awesome Christmas music, I may not have anything for you guys like I wanted to, but Big Giant Circles does! He did some of the music for Mass Effect 2, one of my favorite games of all time, but he’s also huge into indie music and an excellent chiptune composer. Check out his new Christmas album here.


So happy holidays everyone! Check back next week; aside from my Gunpoint audition, I’ve been spending a lot of time on a second project which, if everything goes well, I’ll post here next week.