Hope your holidays were as rad as mine. Good food, family, and to top it off my wife gave me two of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received; she commissioned an extremely talented artist friend of ours to make two paintings for the dark, stalactite filled “cave” in our apartment where I do my work.

First of all, the pics don’t do them justice; a crappy cellphone cam isn’t the way to see these, and they’re way more colorful in real life. But yes, that’s me as a robot, writing music in an actual cave.

Bad. Ass.


She also had one done of our dog, who regularly sneaks up behind me when I have my head phones in and makes loud grumbling sounds when she’s bored.

Note the tennis ball. Fantastic.


So last week I cheaped out on putting up a Microjam for you guys. Part of the excuse I gave was the fact that I was working a lot on my submission for Tom Francis’ “Gunpoint,” which can check out here. It was a lot of fun to do, and I’m flattered that I might even be considered amongst awesome folks like Chris Geehan, Whitaker Trebella, and Minecraft’s C418.

The other thing though, that I was more cryptic about last week, was that I was working late on a piece for my wife for Christmas. She loves adventure, from traveling to different countries all over the world to being the one to get us all to steal cafeteria trays and use them as sleds when we were in college. She’s also a huge fan of the Indiana Jones movies, and a real life historian to boot. So I’ve spent whatever time I could squeeze in for the last month writing her an Indiana Jones style movie theme, starring her as a globe trotting explorer who uncovers a hidden land where dinosaurs still walk the earth. Oh yeah, and dinosaurs. She’s into those too.

It was a lot of work, but I had a ton of fun writing it; it’s pretty much my favorite kind of straight up theme to do–that of the heroic adventurer type. Upbeat, catchy melody, stuff like that. I definitely recommend trying this one out with headphones if you have ’em handy though. I found a lot of the parts getting lost when I tried it on my tiny laptop speakers.

Hope you guys like it! This one’s full length too!

Minnesota Deadrick and the Curse of Cretaceous Valley