So I went out to the parking lot of our apartment complex yesterday to find that my car was missing from our assigned spot.

Um...let's say it was this one.


Turns out it got towed because the parking permit had fallen from the review mirror at some point. So long story short, they got to take our property from our parking spot and even though I could prove that I had a right to park there (I found the permit between the passenger seat and the door) I had to pay to get it back.

Even longer story short, I’ve spent the last 24 hours in my basement mumbling to myself and constructing my Crab Ray, a device with which I will inflict a most delicious revenge on the good people at a certain local towing company. I’m not really sure if it turns people into crabs or fires crabs or what. I hadn’t really thought that far ahead yet. Also, we don’t have a basement, and the elderly couple that lives below us won’t stop yelling at me about getting all these crabs out of their bathtub.

So between that and the time it took to actually get my car back, the time I have allotted each week for doing the Microjam kind of evaporated. I’ll try again next week though! Also watch for my Zeppelin hovering above San Jose on the news in the coming few days!

They will know fear.