Hey Everybody,


My wife and I are leaving for our honeymoon in Mexico tomorrow! We’ve been planning this thing for years; it’ll be our first legitimate vacation that’s just the two of us. And we’ve been married nearly five years. Really excited!


Needless to say I’m really excited, and also really PARANOID. See, one of us has been sick on nearly every trip we’ve ever taken, when we went to Greece in college, when we took a road trip up to Portland, even when we go home to visit family in Minnesota. Trying like hell to avoid it this time, but it figures everyone around us has a huge cold right now. There are germ zombies everywhere! It feels a lot like Night of the Living Dead around here, minus the creation of an innovative new genre of horror. But still complete with the urge to shoot everyone around me in the head before they can get into mouth-range.


Here’s the piece I was working on last week, as I was recovering from being sick and rushing to fine tune some more music for Gunpoint before I leave. I’m trying to make good on my New Years resolution to use my main instrument (piano) as a feature in more pieces, so here you go. This one is designed to get the listener excited for a climactic final battle; the kind of scene where the heroes are gearing up and on their way to have a showdown with a longstanding villain. I love stuff like that, when it’s done right, and a lot of the emotional weight is tied to the music. Hope you like it!




No Microjam next week, only tequila and cheap souvenirs.