Hey Everyone!

I’m back from vacation, and now it’s right off to GDC. That means no Microjam this week, I’m afraid, as I’ll be dividing my time between hitting the expo floor and attending the IGF awards Wednesday night. Gunpoint is up for an award as you may remember, and I’m only too happy to ride Tom Francis’ coattails to success.

If you’d like to meet up, whether you’re a friend, fellow composer, game industry pro, or are looking to harvest my delicious organs in the alley behind Moscone Center, send me an email (you can find my address in the contact tab at the top of the page). Or if you happen to spot me anywhere, feel free to say hi! I am composed of physical matter in this fashion:

Yeah, I only have one readily accessible picture of myself. What of it?


Hopefully I’ll see you there! Don’t forget to drop by Tom Francis’ talk “How to Explain Your Game to an Asshole” at 4:30 (room 2003, West Hall, 2nd floor)!