HI There!

This page is for anyone who recently received my business card or web address and decided to check me out. Thanks for stopping by! Most likely I met you at GDC 2012 on the expo floor or at the IGF awards! Regardless of where it was, rest assured that you were fun to talk to, and you smelled great!

I thought it would be helpful to consolidate a few links to my work in a single entry. You can find all of this in different areas of the webpage, but you can link to the majority of my posted work from right here if you don’t have time to go exploring!

Microjams: This is a feature where I write a short piece nearly every week, regardless of what projects I”m working on. Each one is in a different style and accompanied by a brief explanation of what inspired me to write it. A good way to check out the diversity of my work in short bursts!

Video Game Scoring: This is a collection of larger demos that I created to suit a variety of game styles.

Gunpoint: Currently, I’m extremely excited to be doing music for Gunpoint, an indie game by Tom Francis that’s up for an IGF award in Design this year! Most of the music isn’t public yet, as the game’s still in development, but in this post, you can view the composition entry I sent in that eventually got me the job, and take a look at how I adapted the music to different game states and scenarios.

If you have any comments, questions, have a project you’d like to hire me for, or simply want to get in touch, please feel free to drop me a line via any of the methods on my Contact page, or at ryan@ryanike.com