Hey guys!

Got a shorter cue for you this week, what with running around getting our car fixed and stopping by H and R block what fer tuh pay the guv’ment. If anyone asks, I’m paying child support on four illegitimate kids in eastern Europe, I was wounded in the Spanish-American War and my charity, Ike’s Tikes, is currently in its fifth year of providing new and gently used Hotwheels tracks to starving kids (batteries sold separately).


I feel like writing music for death in video games is one of the hardest things composers get tasked with. If you’re going to write a cue for when the player’s character kicks the bucket, you have to make sure that it fits the tone; not too comical or melodramatic, unless that’s what you’re going for. You have to be aware of the kind of game you’re writing for; is it a horror game? Action? Puzzle?
Above all, I think you need to keep a cue like that from being annoying, especially if you’re writing for a more difficult game where the player’s likely to bite it a lot. I’m usually a pretty relaxed guy when I play games, not prone to being driven to controller-smashing rage, even on really difficult titles (though I admit, it looks like fun to just lose it sometimes).


I wrote this cue for an action style game like God of War. Let me know what you think; would this get on your nerves, especially if you suck? A lot of games give you the option to reload right away, so I’m picturing a situation where you wouldn’t necessarily have to listen to the whole thing every time you die before you can try again.


You Dead (Action)