Hey Guys!


So I’ve been wanting to do an upbeat, orchestral piece for a while now, for a couple of reasons. One of those reasons is that I feel like a lot of my work lately has been in minor. Which isn’t to say it’s all sad, moody, music to cut yourself to. What am I, the Cure? However, I feel like I need to write something really positive and cheerful sounding to contrast the kind of stuff I’ve been doing lately.


The other reason is that, ever since I played the Super Mario Galaxy games a few years ago, I’ve wanted to take a swing at doing music in that style, orchestral, catchy, upbeat tunes, and a lot of personality. The problem is, the ideas I’ve had floating around in my head will take a little too long to dump into Logic Pro for me to do them in one week, along with all my other work.


So you guys get a two part entry this week, just like the best episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and the worst episodes of everything else. What you hear below is the introduction section of the piece I’m working on, and I’m hoping to finish it for you so you can hear the entire thing next week. I imagine this track as the main theme to a colorful platformer like the one that inspired it.



The Adventures of Jumpguy (Part 1)