The Mario Galaxy Orchestra, rocking your face off.

Hey everyone!


After a detour last week, when I used all my available and highly valuable time writing an audition track for The Banner Saga, I’ve finally finished up the “Adventures of Jumpguy” piece I began last month. I started this piece in part because I have too much minor and/or dance/electric music in this feature so far, and while there’s nothing wrong with that if I ever decide to start a licensing company that provides music exclusively for Lifetime move death scenes and German discos, I figured it’d be good to try something upbeat and orchestral again.


The other reason I wrote this track is that, as readers of the site know, I love the music of the Mario Galaxy games. Those soundtracks are packed with catchy, energetic themes and great orchestral work that’s just perfect for jumping around colorful levels, collecting coins, and exploiting a race of intelligent dinosaurs for free transportation and slave labor. This track is my take on that style, so I hope you dig it.


The intro I wrote previously is included here, as well as the completion of the track, containing what I consider the main theme.

The Adventures of Jumpguy

Thanks for listening!