I loved the Mega Man games when I was a kid. For those of you who don’t play a lot o’ the vidya gamez, the Mega Man series was about a little blue robot guy battling his way through a series of levels to stop a mad scientist. Each level ended in a different themed robot boss, named after whatever their power was. So Air Man blasted you with little mini tornadoes. Flame man shot fireballs at you, and rocked a mad turban for some reason. Drill Man whipped drill bits at you. You get the idea. I loved fighting these guys as a kid not just because ROBOTS HITTING YOU WITH POWER TOOLS but also because the music for each battle was usually really great. Thinking back, those tracks are probably part of what got me into game music in the first place.

Later in the series they sort of started to run out of ideas, which is why Sheep Man appears in Mega Man 10. I think his cannon was supposed to shoot static electricity or some BS, but because I had to dissect a sheep eyeball in 2nd grade and a blast of fluid shot out of it when I made the first cut and went into my mouth, his gun might as well fire nightmares.

"If they don't wake up screaming, they won't wake up at all."


I came up with my own Mega Man boss: Man Man. His cannon fires out entire other boss robots. Pretty stupid awesome, right?


Here’s his theme. Enjoy!

Man Man