Gary Oldman is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. Between the creepy Zorg in The 5th Element and the awesome Commissioner Gordon in the new Batman movies, he be droppin’ mad range and depth of characterization, uh, yo.

My favorite character he’s played was the villain in the movie Leon: the Professional, the psychotic DEA agent Norman Stansfield. Seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie, go rent it. Right now. I’ll wait. It’s worth it just to watch him freak out for 2 hours.

You back? I know, right??

So a few days ago, a friend of mine suggested I use the now-famous clip below (of Oldman being rad and insane) in a song:


That’s how Gary Oldman rolls. When he organizes a bake sale, he doesn’t expect just some people to participate. When he throws a barbecue for the neighborhood, he’s not just hoping a few guys will show up. He has a higher number in mind. And that number will explode your face.

I think my friend was joking about me using this clip as the basis for a song, but the joke’s on him, because he doesn’t realize just HOW LITTLE MY TIME IS WORTH.

So here it is; I lifted a few more of his character’s lines from the movie as well, and I should point out that, of course, they are all property of Columbia Pictures, and that this piece is purely for fun, and not profit. Also, this one’s slightly NSFW, as an F-bomb or two may have slipped in there.


Gary Oldman in da Club