Sorry about last week, everybody. I had to go to the dentist for a cleaning and to watch a horrifying video of a procedure I’m going to have in a few months, which involves what I can only assume is the villain from I Know What You Did Last Summer shoving a rusty hook into my mouth to clean below my gumline. Can’t wait (for my renewed passport to arrive so I can flee the country)!


Not to sound super important or anything, but I have a very limited amount of time each week to write a Microjam, especially if I have to cram in some other several-hour long thing (dentist appointment, illness, getting lost at Ikea). So that’s why it didn’t happen last week; sorry!

This week, I have a similar issue; I just got some great new software that’s going to take most of the day to install. The box is huge, so either there are a ton of DVDs to install, or the package contains an actual professor who teaches you how to program the software yourself from scratch. Either way, it’ll take up all the time I normally spend writing a short piece.

Usually when this happens, I at least make a small music cue for you guys to check out, but since I also didn’t do one last week, I figured you deserved something fuller. So this week, I’m doing my first ever cover here on the Microjam feature, and writing it made me actually kind of want to watch PBS on purpose, which is the saddest sentence ever written by a person.

Tell me you remember this show:

Hot damn! Nothing gets me ready to solve geography-based crime like a bunch of animated criminals with rhyming nicknames and a lady yelling at me while wearing a coat she obviously borrowed from Ronald McDonald’s dinner jacket collection.

The theme for this show has been stuck in my head since I was 2, so this week I offer you a chiptune version of it, to lament the awesome NES game that never got made.


Where in World 1-1 is Carmen Sandiego?