Hi Everyone!

I love when jazz music pops up in video games. There, I said it. The big example was Grim Fandango, which used a gorgeous jazz score to highlight the 1930s aesthetic that game used. Gunpoint, the game I’m working on now, is also sporting some serious upright bass and saxophone oriented awesomeness, especially with my co-composers John Robert Matz and Francisco Cerda on the job.

But in my opinion, jazz doesn’t show up enough in games. I know that’s mainly because the most popular genres today (shooters and action titles) don’t really support it very well.

Though slicing off some guy's fingers to the tune of "Take Five" seems really appropriate, somehow.

Old school adventure games were probably the best bet to hear this kind of soundtrack, and with those starting to make a comeback (cough, cough), maybe we’ll hear more game scores with a little retro flavor in the future.

Until then, here’s a little jazz combo track I wrote. Enjoy!

Come On Down to Manny’s