Hey Everyone!

I’ve mentioned it on the site once or twice, but while I love getting to write music all day for a living, it doesn’t leave me much time to simply sit down and play my main instrument, the piano. I’ve talked to a number of my fellow composer pals and they pretty much all agreed it’s the same for them. We love the work, but it doesn’t leave as much space to perform.

I also have an embarrassing lack of original piano pieces, and I think it’s because I’m worried I’m not doing the instrument justice. I’ve studied it since I was five, so every time I sit down to right a piano piece, whatever I come up with (even if I’d like the same composition on other instruments) doesn’t feel good enough.

So nuts to that. Starting this week, I’m beginning a trilogy of video game tracks written for solo piano. I’ve always thought it would be really cool to have a game soundtrack where each track is just an instrumental solo. Huge orchestral compositions and sprawling electronic soundscapes are great, but how cool would it be to ride an airship while a single fiddle hammers madly away at the strings, or explore a vast overworld to the sound of a single, lonely flute?

This first track is my take on a boss battle, but for piano solo. I like my villain themes like I like my women, epic, intimidating, and loaded with tritones.


That analogy didn’t really work out for me, but you get what I’m saying.

This World Will Burn