Hi Everyone!

My friend and all around amazing composer Stephen White just wrapped up the soundtrack to a puzzle game called Break Blocks. The is a bit like other puzzle games that involve matching colored blocks, except it also has muh’ effin’ BREAKDANCING!


The music he wrote for the game is so incredibly awesome that it makes me want to bust out a flurry of Applejacks, follow it into a six-step and top it off with a jackhammer/coin drop combo and oh God now I need to go to the hospital.


Steve not only wrote a ton of great stuff himself, but scoured the internets for great game composers (and also me) to do remixes. So this week, rather than your regular microjam, here’s the track I wrote for the album, a remix on his original tune, Breakdancing Point.

You can hear the original here.

For the remake, I tried to go all out, so you’ll hear everything from Baroque organ to dubstep. I kind of lost my mind here.

Point Breaking Dance (Breakdancing Point Remix)

The album, Break Blocks Original Mixtape is nearly 3 hours of great stuff, you can download the remixes as stand-alone tracks for free if you want, and it’s only $5!! That’s the price of an array of horrific sandwich abominations at Subway! Or you could get this, and enrich your life.

Just sayin’.