Hey everybody!

There are a lot of themes that are kind of over-represented in video games. Sci-fi, fantasy, military shooters. Those dudes are everywhere.

But there are many genres and sub-genres that games haven’t really explored a ton of yet, and one of my favorites is steampunk. I love books and movies that blend a western or victorian-era setting with a bunch of crazy “hi-tech” gadgets; everything’s powered by steam, everyone’s stuff is covered with gears and brass, and you can wear goggles for no reason and no one will make fun of you!

Aside from some hints at it in Bioshock, there aren’t really any major games that play with this aesthetic. But I think there should be, so I wrote some music for a game like that. I used a bunch of Old World instruments (fiddle, Irish lute, tin whistle, stuff like that) and the percussion is mostly just the sounds of gears and machinery banging together. Good times!

The Marvelous Contraptions Of Barnabus Gravelsby