Hey Everyone!


(NOTE: The company that was hosting this site decided recently that they’re not so into hosting websites anymore. I think they manage Lucho Libre wrestlers or something now. Kate and Jeff Fisher, my amazing web designer/administrator team got the whole site transferred to a new server, and they rule for it. You may notice you few things slightly out of place here or there, so please bear with me as we (they) get it sorted out.)

I’ve been absolutely swamped with writing lately, so it’s just a short cue this week.

You remember how in some games from the 90s, you’d select a stage to play and be greeted with about 10 seconds of awesome music to get you ready to smash some poor old guy’s robotic inventions/a misunderstood clan of young street toughs who secretly just want to be loved/a group of lonely monsters in an abandoned castle who’s only crime was looking different than the unattainable Cosmopolitan standard of beauty right in there dumb robot/thug/monster faces?

The most famous example is probably the Mega Man series. You select your level, a little animation of the boss who runs that level plays, and this tune gets etched into your grey matter forever:

Anyway, I wrote one of those. Play it whenever you and your girlfriend decide which Chili’s to go to, because you don’t like the layout at the other one by TJ Maxx and their jalapeno poppers are just like, whatever.


A Challenger Approaches (Cue)