Hey Bonnie Gents and Lasses!

This week, Jacob Pernell, compatriot and fellow vidya gamez composer, heads off to Scotland for a year to get his grad school on. You might know him from the IGF nominated indie game Prom Week, or, if you’ve checked out Steve White’s amazing Break Blocks OST, you can hear his remix “Viva la Awesome” here. So this week, in his illustrious honor, I wrote a Scottish themed piece. It’s full of everything you’d expect; bagpipes, Scrooge McDuck, dubstep. I don’t mean to brag, but I know a lot about Scottish culture. Like, so much, you guys.

Anyway, godspeed, Pernell! Bring me back a claymore!

There Can Be Only 5,000,000

Get it? Because everyone over there is the Highlander.