Hey Everyone!

All October I’ll be putting up creepy tracks, partially because I love Halloween and partially because I love the opportunity to work on my horror chops, since I think writing objectively scary music is a real challenge. If you missed it, here’s the one I did last week!

On that track I was going for a really dark “Oh God a terrifying monster is chasing me through an empty space station” kind of vibe. I’m trying a little of everything as Halloween approaches, though, so the piece I’m working on now will bend a lot closer to the goofier, kid friendly version of horror music you’d hear in Saturday morning cartoons.

I made a lot of headway on the track today, but have a lot of other music I need to get back to, and rather than release it unfinished I’m going to hold off on it until next week, because when people come to weekly music feature on a game composer’s website (read: when they’re drunk), they expect results, dammit!

It’s like my commenters are always saying! “I really appreciate the quality of your writings, and also try my GENERIC VIAGRA.”

See you next week!