Hi Everyone!

No Microjam this week! I was too busy working on a few down-to-the-wire projects and jumping into various habitats at the zoo in the hopes that fighting for my life against some of Mother Nature’s deadliest creatures would distract me from the incessant flood of political ads.

It worked! Sort of. The penguins weren’t super into it.

Pictured: Wuss.

But I do have new music for you! You know Big Giant Circles, right? Indie game composer extraordinaire and all around musical badass? Did some of the soundtrack to Mass Effect 2? Anyway, he’s got a new soundtrack out for the crazy addictive game Extreme Road Trip 2, and for some reason I’m also on it!

I did a remix of his amazing track “In The Zone.” You can hear my version here.

I’d also highly recommend you download the game and give it a shot. It’s fun, free, and available on Google Play and the iPhone App Store. If nothing else, it will engender some bad habits and turn the highways of California into even more of a Road Warrior situation.

You should consider buying the soundtrack too! You can listen to it here, and if you want to give it a download, it’s pay what you want!

See you next week!