Hi Everyone!


This week, I thought I’d try something different. I wanted to do a holiday song, but rather than simply tart a regular Christmas melody up with sleigh bells and call it a day, I thought it’d be cool to get some audience participation going. So I hopped on Facebook and asked for instrument suggestions; the first five I heard were going in the song.

Because my friends are awesome, I got lots of suggestions. Because my friends are also jerks, those suggestions went like this:


1. Trombone. I can do that, sure. My virtual brass samples could be better, but that’ll sound nice.

2. Acoustic guitar Ok, cool. Maybe people will continue along this path and I’ll have a nice organic ensemble to mess around with.

3. Cello: Awesome! This thing is shaping up really ni-

4. Dubstep Drop: uh. Ok. That’s going to clash a little bit. But I mean, that’s part of the fun, right? I knew this was going to be a possibility when I-

5. Didgeridoo: Shit.

Fine, be that way. Maybe cramming a bunch of disparate elements into the same thing will work out. It worked for the Avengers, right? What’s Joss Whedon have that I don’t have, besides a 220 million dollar budget?

So here’s the…the thing. It’s there.

Crowdsource Christmas Carol