Hi Everyone!

Everyone loves the holidays! But everyone also has a friend or relative that loves them maybe a little too much. Rudolph sweaters with built in light-up noses worn un-ironically. Nonstop Christmas music playing over Pandora from December 1st onward, and no skips even when they play something off of Queen Latifah’s album. They’re baking their third batch of holiday cookies, type-2 diabetes be damned?

Friends, I am that person. I’m Scrooge in the last 5 minutes of A Christmas Carol, except it lasts all month, and I’m not cool enough to be the Patrick Stewart version. Maybe one of the awful straight to video ones. I can rock that.

So this week, for the last Microjam of 2012, I wrote some holiday game music for you guys. A lot of my favorite games have included a Christmas stage. It’s so easy! Just take the Ice Level and toss in a few lights, maybe a Santa cap, and boom! Merriment!

Like this one from Banjo-Kazooie, where you got to jump around on the face of a five-story snowman:

Because you’re already playing a game starring an anthropomorphic bear with a bird in his backpack, so why the hell not?

Or this one, from Kingdom Hearts 2:

Pretty sure I just infringed on, like, six copyrights be posting this pic.

The music in these stages was always chock full of sleigh bells and chimes and whatnot, and I loved every second of it.

Anyway, here’s mine! See you guys in January! Happy Holidays!