Happy New Year, everyone!


Welcome to my first Microjam post of 2013! I didn’t end up doing one last week because, you know. Mayans.

They went and got everyone one all freaked about the apocalypse and I spent the last week of December crank-calling John Mayer’s publicist with fake birthday party and Chucky Cheese gigs, and now look where we are. Two weeks into January. Stupid ancient civilizations.

My sources tell me the world DIDN’T end, and yet Honey Boo Boo is still on TV, so you tell me if we’re all in Hell right now or not.

A better question is probably “Shouldn’t we be?”

This week, I have another one of those custom Ocarina songs for you guys to check out. I did one previously that a lot of people liked, and it was a lot of fun to start with a simple musical idea, only a few notes, and spin it out into something more orchestral. For those of you who spent your formative years going to parties and developing valuable social skills that would serve you throughout life instead of playing video games like me, let me walk you through how it works.

In the Zelda games, you had an Ocarina that you could learn various magic songs on, allowing you to teleport or summon your horse or whatever. Each time you learned a new one, you also got to hear a cool orchestral version of the tune, often played as a duet with the character that taught it to you. That’s kind of what I’m doing here, except original ones. It looked like this.

So here’s mine! Hope you like it. I’m off to try to mend all the bridges I burned whenI thought the world was going to suddenly halt in a fiery apocalypse.

No, I mean, like, actual bridges. It’s a whole court mandated thing, I don’t want to get into it.

Starlight Song