Hi Everyone!

So some jerk stole the driver’s side mirror off of my car last weekend, meaning that most of my time for a weekly music post has been eaten up with rushing around trying to get it repaired, filing police reports, etc. Turns out getting a bit of reflective glass reattached to your car is really expensive! Probably why the guy or girl took it in the first place!

Though let’s be honest. It was a dude. A woman would’ve been smart enough to steal both mirrors so she would have a matching set.

But don’t worry, listeners! I’ve still got a little something for you. I decided it would be cathartic to write a track about hunting the thief down. And I don’t mean in a “bring them to justice” kind of way either. I mean in a “constantly lurking just outside their peripheral vision, making them doubt their safety every waking minute” kind of way. This is some Mothman Prophecies #%$&.

If this were a movie, I like to imagine that this is the track that would play as I’m standing outside their bedroom window in the dead of night. Watching them sleep fitfully. Slowly licking the blade of a knife, maybe.

So yeah, um, here you go.

Go Back To Sleep

That went to kind of a weird place.