Hi Everyone!

I’m a huge fan of sci-fi books, games and movies, but especially when they focus on a larger overarching story and spend more time dealing with characters than how future technology crap functions. I don’t know what makes my microwave work, and I”m pretty sure the name explains itself, so you don’t need to spend 20 pages telling me about the mechanics of hyperdrive or teleportation or whatever. Ok? I believe you, it’s the future, let’s move on.

I really wish they’d come up with a better name for stuff like this, though. Nothing like admitting “I like ‘space opera'” to make you feel like you’re being forcibly stuffed into the jockstrap cubby in the boys locker room all over again.

My go-to example of stuff like this used to be Star Wars (before it sucked), but now it’s the Mass Effect games. They spent as much time on a huge war engulfing the entire galaxy as they did on focused character development. The best part was that the music reflected that; I love a good sci-fi score full of synth stabs and staccato strings and whatnot, but the soundtracks for space operas are always a bit more emotionally driven, and I like feelin’ stuff, I guess.

This is probably a good time to mention I wrote a thingy like that this week. Here ya go!