Hi Everyone!

If you’re wondering why there’s a picture of the principal from Back to the Future on the site today, it’s because he thinks I’m a slacker for not doing a Microjam this week. But I can assure him, and you, dear reader, that that is not the case! I’m busy wrapping up a demo track for my friend Jacob Pernell, an all-around fantastic composer who’s just released a new sound set for Native Instruments’ Massive. It’s called “Aurora,” and as someone who’s been playing around with it for the past few weeks, I can say it is stupid fun. The track should be up in the next few days, but in the mean time, why not check out the sound set? If you’re a composer who uses Massive, I think you’ll really get a lot of use out of it, and if you’re not so musically inclined there are still a bunch of great demo tracks to hear, whether you’re interested in the set or not.

Check it! 

Though, you did come all this way. How about some oldies you may not have heard before? It is Valentine’s Day, after all. These may not be love songs, but they are desperate cries for attention, and in the end, isn’t that what this holiday is all about?

Piston City

Stay Awhile

Rainbow Road Can Suck it