zoidbergHey Everyone!


Wow, you ever have one of those days when the creative part of your mind is on fire? Where you have a hundred thousand great ideas all fighting to get out at once, and no matter what you sit down to write or paint or cook it turns out brilliant and innovative and it’s like the best thing you’ve ever done?

Well, yesterday, I was like the opposite of that. The Oatmeal did a great comic on what it’s like to do anything creative on a regular basis, and the part about not being able to force it really applies here. I spent hours sitting in front of my workstation either trying to come up with some material, or coming up with stuff I hated and scrapping it. I’m working on a number of game soundtracks right now that I actually have some (in my opinion) great ideas for, so eventually I just decided to call it, write a short cue for Microjam this week, and get back to those.

Hopefully I’ll have something more substantial next week! In the meantime, enjoy this short cue I wrote; I think it’d be great for a starfighter type game, maybe after you complete a mission successfully. Like most of my short cues, I think it could be applied to situations in real life too, so feel free to play it when you successfully nab the parking spot right next to the handicap spaces at Target despite the fact that that sneaky red sedan tried to rush in there first even though she could totally see you waiting for it, so just move along Janice, just because you drive a Prius it doesn’t make you better than me.