GunpointGunpoint is a sci-fi stealth game influenced by noir detective fiction. Think cool futuristic gadgets meets trenchcoats and rain-soaked streets. You use a mix of technology, subterfuge and puzzle-solving prowess to infiltrate highly-secured buildings and steal confidential information, all while gradually unravelling a gritty tale of conspiracy and deception. Cool, right?

I wrote all the level music in the game, while the amazing Francisco Cerda (Jamestown) provided the upgrade menu music and the fantastic John Robert Matz (Artemis) wrote the somber and brooding main theme. We were all chosen to do music for this game based on an audition competition. I feel incredibly honored to have been selected amongst submissions from some of the best musicians in indie gaming, including C418 (Minecraft) and Hyperduck Soundworks (Dust: An Elysian Tale).

Gunpoint was a nominee for an IGF award for Design at GDC in 2012, and went #1 on Steam at launch. You can get the original, Special, or Exclusive editions here.

The full soundtrack, featuring all the music from the game, is currently available on Bandcamp. $5.00 will get you all the music used in game, plus a ton of bonus content including unused tracks, original work for the album, and remixes!

And here’s a little preview of the album to get you started:

Thanks for listening. If enough of you check out the game, maybe fedoras will be cool again! Fingers crossed!