Miami futureSo you know what’s weird? I’m kind of obsessed with Miami.

“Well, what’s so strange about that?” I can hear some of you asking. I mean, tons of octogenarians and retired organized crime families love that city, right?

Well, the thing is, I’ve never been there. I love shows like Dexter. I play games like Hotline Miami and Vice City. I think the idea of a neon-colored city that never quite got out of the 80s is amazing.

Is Miami anything like how I think it is? Probably not, minus the legion of hyper-intelligent alligators waiting in the sewers to a launch a full out offensive on the unsuspecting humans above. Those are very, very real, I assume. But that didn’t stop me from writing a Miami-inspired track this week! Plus I wrote it about the Miami of the future, so you have to wait thirty years to accuse me of not knowing if this is a good musical representation or not.

I’ll be on my deck with a mojito if you need me.