bath houseHi Everyone!

I’m currently working on music for a project I can’t talk about yet. I’m pretty excited about it, though, and I’ll have more info for you here once I’m allowed to say anything.

Lately, I’ve been a bit stuck on one of the tracks I’m doing. I’ve found in the past that, when i’m having writers block on something, it helps me to actually writer a smaller, simpler piece in the same vein. It sometimes helps pull me out of the cycle of “none of the ideas I’m working with are good enough.” You know, sort of like how, if you’re having trouble building a deck, you can just go build a few end tables and barstools instead, and suddenly the deck just sort of falls together on it’s own, right? No? Well this isn’t a blog about analogies, just like Breaking Bad isn’t a show about a wholesome family unit persevering together through everyday problems like putting together charity bake sales or planning their roadtrip to Lego Land.

There, see? I did one after all.

This week, that’s what I have to show you. I don’t think it gives away too much to say I’m working on an Ancient Greek style piece right now, but it’s been slow going, so I decided to write a short little track in that takes a more relaxed, simple take on that time period than the one I’m doing for this project. I took a harp sampler and tweaked it a bit so that it (hopefully) sounds like an Ancient Greek lyre and cranked this baby out. And I think it actually did help give me the inspiration I needed to finish off the larger track.

Anyway, hope you like it. Perfect for hanging out in a steam room, sucking on grapes, and basically being totally at ease despite the fact that everyone’s junk is just, like, totally out there.

Olympian Bath House